About Us

Edward John Taki – Director of Vital Qi Supplements

About Us

About us should be about those that can make a difference in this incrediable world. Our foot prints we leave is of our values and what we hold dear for future generations, especially our grandchildren.

We have the ability and the capacity to honor and leave a better impression of ourselves.
We don’t understand survival because we don’t live in a hunter gatherer era, and Nature is not considered the main provider. Today we earn and buy what we need which is produced to survive.

And we create the environment, for those that supply to monopolize in ways that commit us to become addictive to today’s life style.

Management of living today is where we have gravitated away from nature more and more. Mother Nature struggles with man’s advancement on her ability to provide, and every corner of the earth is threatened, and every living species is becoming endangered.

From Pharmaceutical companies to Food processing to our meat everything we consume has some concerns.With our ever insatiable needs, we are advancing at the consequence of mother earth. We don’t understand it because we have become part of it. Profits and unhealthy wealth are being generated, and this cannot continue to be sustained.

Many lands and waterways are struggling as companies, turn production methods, into trying to monopolize and rule global markets.

We need to treat mother earth like our own mothers with respect for her nurturing abilities, always there when we are in need.The Greatness in what she provides is the comfit we seek, as we leave this earth ourselves.And unfortunately, we are driven to our time from the processes that we have been established.

My footprints I leave should reflect the values instilled through life and what I have experienced And I know my grandchildren will appreciate my involvement in this Ancient Supplement.